How to do a homemade afternoon tea – Cupcake special!

Have you always wanted to do your very own homemade afternoon tea with friends and family? Or even as an event for charity? Or maybe you just wanted a get together but needed more ideas on what to do? Well read on if you want more ideas on how to do your own cupcake style afternoon tea party! Let’s face it, it’s cheaper than a trip to your favourite café!
So first of all a few things you may want to consider buying or digging out of the bottom of your cupboards or loft:
A cake stand/ fancy/ floral plates to display your homemade goodies
Paper plates for your guest to pile on their goodies
A paper/plastic table cloth (it means less cleaning up after your guests have left – simply fold it up and chuck it in the bin with any crumbs!)
And obviously any baking ingredients or equipment you may need!
Secondly, here are some extras you may want to consider adding to add the wow factor:
Finger Sandwiches! Buy a fresh white loaf, cut the slices into small thin rectangle “finger” shapes and simply add fillings of your choice! I’ve always found cucumber sandwiches go down well and they look the part!
If you have any china pots or tea cups laying around get them out! It adds to the aesthetic!
And speaking of tea cups that reminds me offer teas, coffees and an alternative cold drink to your guests!
If you are doing a charity event leave your donation pot somewhere obvious (near the cakes – no one is going to miss it there!)
And finally onto some cupcake ideas:
Butterfly buns10486190_855361044523580_7839815238194451214_n
Vanilla Cupcakes with butter icing colour of your choice and decoration of your choice11062073_855360637856954_3853331904704389093_n
Chocolate Butterfly buns
Rose decoration chocolate cupcakes
 I hope this post has given you all some afternoon tea inspiration! Have fun with it and don’t stress!

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