Easter Special!

Who doesn’t love a good Easter nest?!? The recipe I used here was from Tanya Burrs baking book and they are delicious, super quick and easy to make!

So, grab your apron and wooden spoon and start making this tasty treat for all your family and friends this Easter!



400g milk chocolate
50g butter
200g shredded wheat
2 bags of mini eggs


  1. Line a cupcake tray with paper cases
  2. Melt the chocolate and butter (place a bowl over hot water to do this – NEVER microwave chocolate!)
  3. Break up the shredded wheat and add to the melted chocolate and butter mixture. Mix until well combined and then scoop into the cupcake cases
  4. Make a small dip in each of the “nests” to place the eggs in
  5. Put three mini eggs in each chocolate nest and leave to cool


This is literally so easy to make! And is a good starting place for novice bakers! Plus your friends and family will absolutely love them!


You could even alter this recipe by using rice crispies instead and adding some golden syrup to help the rice crispies stick! Or why not use mini crème eggs on top of your nests!


I hope you enjoyed this Easter special! And keep baking!!

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